Michael Ten creates art and writes. Read a Manifesto by Michael Ten.MichaelTen.art

Books by Michael Ten

Radical Life Extension – This book is about why we should defeat aging.

Outlaw Psychiatric Slavery – This book is about why psychiatric coercion should be outlawed.

Extreme Longevity – This book is about how we can utilize social media and grassroots activism to help hasten the defeat of aging.

Music by Michael Ten

Infinite Time  – Michael Ten’s second album Infinite Time is available on all major digital music services.

Ten Milagros – The first album by Michael Ten, Ten Milagros is on Spotify, Apple Music, and all major digital music services.

Infinite Patience – The third music album by Michael is available, now, too.

Infinite Serenity – Infinite Serenity is the fourth full album by Michael Ten.

These musical album were inspired by futurism and multiple more sources. Cheers, Limitless Peace, and Serenity.

Almost November 2021 Project/Art Update

I have been creating some instrumental music recently. Elated Individuals is a new song from me. Mission Resurrect is another new song from me. I have been creating more music too. Instrumental music is a nice way to recharge between posting about defeating aging, outlawing psychiatric coercion, universal basic income and so forth. I may make some more music with lyrics soon. I try to be creative in my artistic processes. I am still posting ideas online about defeating aging, outlawing psychiatric coercion, universal basic income (and crypto UBI) and so forth. I will not stop doing this. I will…

Projects and Art

I sort of started this journey in about 2006. In about 2009, I formulated a system. The system is to fluctuate between artistic endeavors and purposeful directed intentional endeavors. Sometimes these two things over lap. Some of my songs include ideas about defeating aging, outlawing psychiatric coercion, universal basic income implementation, and encouraging spiritual thinking (for those that desire it). I like more ideas like desalination, cryptocurrencies, green energy, and more. This Patreon can eventually help me to devote more time to all of these endeavors – social/political/futuristic causes/purposes, and also art. Thank you for effectively collaborating with me economically…

Summer 2021 and Beyond

Greetings. I still am hoping to help: Defeat aging Outlaw psychiatric coercion Implement universal basic income, and Help humans (that want to) to see with spiritual vision (metaphorical vision) About $25 million was donated to SENS Research Foundation (which is trying to help hasten the defeat of aging), and there is has been some drama within that organization. With regards to outlawing psychiatric coercion, I have some ideas how we can build momentum in this movement. I am also still hoping to public a book related to this by the end of the year. For universal basic income, I am…

A DAO to Promote and Accelerate Bitcoin Cash Adoption?

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO’s) may be the future of business. Laws and regulations need to start catching up to the current economics realities of cryptocurrencies and mass adoption of Internet and smartphone technologies. What if we could create an open source business plan that entrepreneurs in developing nations could utilize to earn profit for themselves while also promoting Bitcoin Cash? Perhaps the Bitcoin.com Register could be setup to voluntarily send some small percentage of sales (maybe .1% to .25% perhaps) for the first year to whoever helps to onboard the merchant? Perhaps BCHpizza.org can be a model for how to…

Bitcoin Cash, DAO’s, and SmartBCH

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO’s) have a lot of potential. SmartBCH is software that will help to bridge Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. Ethereum enables some pretty amazing things with Solidity and Smart Contracts. I was using Ethereum when fees were around $0.30 to $0.60. The fees seemed sort of high, but not so high as to make Web3 unusable. Now with transaction fees around $12.00, Ethereum seems much less useful for decentralized finance. DAO’s with Bitcoin Cash can be especially interesting, since if transaction fees for SmartBCH can stay near where they are for Bitcoin Cash, then those Earning less than…

Goals and Resurrection

So I have a few goals. And if you want to support me dedicating time to these goals, please support me on Patreon. Thank you much, if you already support me on Patreon. I have four primary goals which may have many sub-goals. 1. Help to defeat aging. 2. Outlaw psychiatric coercion and nonconsensual psychiatry. 3. Help to implement universal basic income. 4. Help humans to see with spiritual vision. I have realized recently that resurrection technologies (scientific or spiritual) may be quite fruitful. According to the book A Course In Miracles, we can resurrect those that have died. If…