A DAO to Promote and Accelerate Bitcoin Cash Adoption?

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO’s) may be the future of business. Laws and regulations need to start catching up to the current economics realities of cryptocurrencies and mass adoption of Internet and smartphone technologies.

What if we could create an open source business plan that entrepreneurs in developing nations could utilize to earn profit for themselves while also promoting Bitcoin Cash?

Perhaps the Bitcoin.com Register could be setup to voluntarily send some small percentage of sales (maybe .1% to .25% perhaps) for the first year to whoever helps to onboard the merchant?

Perhaps BCHpizza.org can be a model for how to drive adoption for Bitcoin Cash. There are perhaps many ways to reach the same goal. Perhaps EatBCH could be utilized as a model to help accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin Cash. Perhaps programs like EatBCH could be implemented in hundreds of cities in dozens of developing nations. Perhaps local organizers could be financially motivated to organize EatBCH like programs in many localities. Perhaps the Bitcoin.com Register could voluntarily (opt-in) send some small percentage of sales (maybe .1% to .25% perhaps) to both the individual onboarding a merchant and also to a theoretical DAO which could help to fund EatBCH like programs in hundreds of cities. This is just one potential idea. There may be an infinite number of ways to structure a DAO that helps to accelerate Bitcoin Cash adoption.

Unlike Bitcoin Core with transaction fees often over $10 USA fiat dollars, Bitcoin Cash can function as peer to peer electronic cash for the hundreds of millions of humans earning less than $5 per day.

Perhaps a DAO can be initiated to help drive the adoption of Bitcoin Cash while also benefiting many stakeholders financially. This may become even more realistic once SmartBCH goes live with a mainnet. The Bitcoin.com SLP Dividend Calculator may be more useful too, once the SmartBCH mainnet goes live. Perhaps Smart Contracts with SmartBCH could automatically pay dividends in Bitcoin Cash.

In certain ways, the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem is sort of a DAO in an extremely loose sense of the term.

More states and nations need to catch up to Wyoming of all places, in creating mainstream legal frameworks for DAO’s to exist in harmony with existing political realities. Decentralized organizations can perhaps help drive Bitcoin Cash adoption if initiated in a creative and thoughtful way.