Projects and Art

I sort of started this journey in about 2006. In about 2009, I formulated a system. The system is to fluctuate between artistic endeavors and purposeful directed intentional endeavors. Sometimes these two things over lap. Some of my songs include ideas about defeating aging, outlawing psychiatric coercion, universal basic income implementation, and encouraging spiritual thinking (for those that desire it).

I like more ideas like desalination, cryptocurrencies, green energy, and more.

This Patreon can eventually help me to devote more time to all of these endeavors – social/political/futuristic causes/purposes, and also art. Thank you for effectively collaborating with me economically on Patreon.

Right now, I am creating art (mostly music, although some drawing and cover art), working on a book (related to psychiatric coercion), posting about defeating aging on social media, and more. I will not stop doing all of this. I will hopefully edit a video soon related to how we can outlaw psychiatric coercion.

What are your goals? What purpose do seek to manifest?

Aging must be defeated. Psychiatric coercion should be outlawed.