Goals and Resurrection

So I have a few goals. And if you want to support me dedicating time to these goals, please support me on Patreon. Thank you much, if you already support me on Patreon.

I have four primary goals which may have many sub-goals.

1. Help to defeat aging.
2. Outlaw psychiatric coercion and nonconsensual psychiatry.
3. Help to implement universal basic income.
4. Help humans to see with spiritual vision.

I have realized recently that resurrection technologies (scientific or spiritual) may be quite fruitful.

According to the book A Course In Miracles, we can resurrect those that have died.

If we are just information, then in theory, science could be utilized to resurrect those that have died.

Perhaps aliens resurrected Jesus to fulfill prophecies and to help humans stay on a path towards increasing harmony and peace.

Even if Jesus was never resurrected, humans have in their consciousness the idea of resurrection.

Perhaps resurrections can be achieved through spiritual and/or scientific means, or some combination of such means.

Resurrection of ethical decent caring humans seems desirable, especially once off Earth colonization is achieved.

I have stated my four primary goals above and I believe resurrection fits in with these goals, especially helping humans to see with spiritual vision.

I will likely write more about this sooner than later. Resurrection technologies seems desirable.